Quality is the foundation of success, and has been at the heart of our working culture since MIDMAR first started up in 1994. Today, MIDMAR Agency is an ISO-certified service provider , mainly audited by Bureau Veritas. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our internal auditing program, which is based on the principles of Total Quality Management and is also reviewed by Bureau Veritas.

MIDMAR Agency is a service provider dedicated to providing Shipping, Logistics and Marine services at the highest levels

of quality and safety.


In order to achieve the above, MIDMAR Management is committed to:

  • Comply with all customer and statutory requirements
  • Continually strive to improve MIDMAR QMS (Quality Management System)to ensure effectiveness
  • Establish quality objectives at relevant levels and functions within the organization
  • Monitor, review and analyze the quality objectives at planned intervals
  • Take appropriate action based on constructive internal and external feedback


Through the effective application of the MIDMAR QMS, MIDMAR defines our standards to enhance customer and employee satisfaction.

MIDMAR’s customers can expect MIDMAR employees to do all within their power to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

MIDMAR’s customers can expect all MIDMAR employees to deal honestly with them and not commit any crime at their behest.

MIDAMR’s customers can expect MIDMAR employees to work to create enduring and positive relationships with them.


Our Company will establish quality objectives and monitor, measure and analyze their effectiveness. The quality objectives should reflect the company in general as well as the respective departments, and should as a minimum reflect the below:

  • Establish a process to ensure that business is conducted according to local laws and regulations
  • Establish a process where the customer requirements and needs are clearly defined to ensure that desired customers are not lost
  • Have quality standards regarding service levels and lead-times that are measured and followed up regularly for continual improvement
  • Establish a process to identify and increase employee job satisfaction and competence